December 31, 2011

no such thing as the real world

Depending on if you read my blurb on lookbook or not, you may or may not already know about my debate on whether or not my sweater and pants would clash or not. I asked around and I came to the conclusion that because they are both darker shades, they wouldn't look half bad together. I also wanted to add some finer detailing to the outfit so I wore my blue paisley shirt underneath. As well, I wore my new combat boots that I'm totally in love with.
I hope everyone has a happy New Year <3 and here is the song from which I got the the title for yesterdays post. I forgot to put it up whoooops! Its amazing so I hope everyone takes the time to listen!


December 30, 2011

someone stop this train

Boxing Day was amazing this year! I got so many amazing deals:the grand total for all my clothes regular price was $650 and i only paid $270. I got my Club Monaco shirt from my parents for Christmas and I bought the camel blazer the next day for $55. I just love how the colours of the blazer, shirt, pants and shoes mesh. I hope you like this look! And if I don't post before Sunday, Happy New Year!

December 24, 2011

marry the night

So I could hardly wait to put these amazing shot up of my friend Nathalie! The sun was absolutely perfect yesterday which made for some cool effects. I love how hard she looks, with her backcombed hair, bright red lips, and skull tanks (which is mine btw). Using the ladder as a prop I love as well! Feel free to comment!!

yes, im fine, everything's just wonderful


So yesterday, my best friend Nathalie and I decided we would bake banana bread and have a photoshoot on our first day off for Winter Break. I had the idea to use a ladder as a prop and I think it adds a really cool aspect to the pictures. I also wanted it to be unique, so I decided to borrow on of my Grandpa's tweed caps, along with my Steve Madden clutch and my jean cut-off. Hallelujah it was above freezing yesterday or I would have died out there. I'll put more pictures up tomorrow of Nathalie but for now, here's my latest look!

December 14, 2011

tears dry on their own

So over the past week I have accumulated 3 new articles of clothing: my cranberry H&M skinnies, my black pea coat, and my Steve Madden combat boots. I decided seeing as they are all pretty versatile pieces that I would try and get them all together. So combined with my tan sweater, this is how my outfit came together! Im totally in love with cranberry right now, and I was so tempted to buy a cranberry blazer, but I thought it might me a little much for now. It's just such a warm colour that is a fantastic fashion manifestation of the holiday season. I hope you like my look as much as I do! :) Feel free to comment!

December 08, 2011

Steve Madden Style: Day 2

Here's what people were wearing at work today! I didn't catch a lot of the morning people that were off before I got the chance to take their pictures, and it's a shame because they were dressed so nicely! Anyways, here's two outfits I particularly liked today:

So my Assistant Manager, Kaitlyn, was wearing a simple black sweater with a pair of pleather leggings, one of my favourite under-wore garments. Another article that I'm currently obsessed with is infinite scarves, which she is wearing in cream, a fantastic contrasting accessory to the otherwise monochromatic theme. As well, her grey heeled combat boots go great with this look, not to mention her gorgeous Michael Kors watch.
Sharnae is wearing a simple charcoal grey cardigan with a great pastel grey-purple top to add subtle contrast. Her cognac heeled boots give her look a unique aspect, colour-wise, and are also great because they elongate the look of her legs. Again, like Brittany and Kaitlyn, she is wearing a Michael Kors watch which adds an element of sophisticated elegance.  

December 07, 2011

Steve Madden Style: Day 1

My Assistant Manager, Kaitlyn, brought to my attention a great idea: I should take pictures and blog what people at Steve Madden wear to work. This way, I can prove that yes, Calgary does have style. Today, Wednesday, is a casual day, so we can wear dark demin. But starting tomorrow through to Sunday, dressing up is a must! Feel free to comment, you don't need a Google account. 

On the top left, my Manager is wearing a black sheer top with a small, yet long necklace to add some fine detailing to her outfit. As well, her wide leg jeans (70s was huge in Spring/Summer 2011) look fantastic with her platform, leather, lace-up Steve Madden pumps. Her Michael Kors watch is also a phenomenal accessory that, because it's a very neutral brown, goes with almost any outfit, casual or dressy. On the top right, Matthew is wearing a vintage knit cardigan and a great army green shirt. I love how the green of his shirt really accents the similar greens in his cardigan. Those paired with a pair of dark-wash skinnies and some brown leather boots makes for a perfect work casual look. 
Katie, on the left, is wearing a salmon pink tank which goes great with her navy blazer, and like Brittany above, has chose to wear a long, simple necklace to accessorize. On the right, Adri is wearing just a simple white cardigan with a black scarf, but don't think that simple doesn't mean elegant. Both are wearing dark washed skinnies, a necessity for any wardrobe.
Rylan is wearing a light, almost sandy brown button up shirt underneath a black and white stripped v-neck sweater. Pairing those with khakis, a brown belt, and two-toned brown Steve Madden combat boots, this is the ultimate wardrobe to show that monochromatic outfits are brilliant, if not, unfortunately, underrated. The 3/4 rolled-up sleeves as opposed to fully down, or half way, is also a nice, unique touch.
Myriam is wearing a grey, belted long sweater with a pair of jennings and a stunning pair of Betsy Johnson heels. The pink and black of the stilettos really give a nice contrast to the grey and blue of top and bottom. As well, her earrings add some sparkle to her look!

November 27, 2011

cranberry sauce

I finally found a burgundy/cranberry coloured piece of clothing! GAP was having some great sales this weekend so I picked up this sweater for 60% off and the grey scarf for 40% off! I love this colour combo because of how it is Christmas-y, but not an obnoxious amount. I love thick circle scarves because of how chic they look, and how warm they are, especially in the winter. I would have one in every colour if I could, but then again, there are a lot of things I would like in every colour ;) I hope you like it!

November 25, 2011

talk that talk to me

The new Rihanna album is amazing, just to start out! Hense why my title for this look is also the main lyric in the title song, Talk That Talk. Anyways, we had a lovely Chinook on Wednesday (for those that aren't from Alberta, that's a cyclical cloud over a region with a very high, warm wind) so it was quite mild out. I decided to grab my pea coat and my blue and white striped v-neck sweater and head out to take some pictures! I also   wore my brown H&M circle scarf to add some dimension.
Just to let everyone know who lives in the Calgary region, American Apparel is having a huge warehouse sale at the Big Four building down at the stampede grounds, and there will be deals of up to 90% off! So if you can, make time before Tuesday to head down there, but the sooner the better!

November 20, 2011

don't say you love me

Again with my new pants, but I just love them too much to stuff them back in my drawers. So, I paired them with my turquoise scarf and my grey H&M sweater to provide contrast, but still keep a cohesiveness within the outfit. I chose to wear my Steve Madden dress shoes because I thought if I wore my brown boots or penny loafers, it would be too much of the same colour in one half. As well, my Tommy Hilfiger bag goes with the colour scheme and the classy feel of the look. I hope everyone likes it :)

November 14, 2011

I want to live life, and be good to you

So I welt to Urban Outfitters yesterday to get a new pair of pants, and I was on a hunt for red. But, unfortunately, they were all sold out of their salmon Levis, so I bought a pair of Obey khakis. For this look, I kept it pretty simple; just my jean shirt and grey cardigan. I was unsure of what shoes to wear at first, my brown boots or black dress shoes. But ultimately, I decided to keep with the casual theme and go with my dark brown Steve Madden boots. I hope everyone enjoys this look :)

November 12, 2011

peaceful in the deep

So in respect for all the men and women who died for our freedom in combat, in Canada we have Remembrance Day on November 11 every year. That's why I'm wearing a poppy in my look. Anyways I wanted to keep the look a bit classy so I paired my new penny loafers from Steve Madden with my black skinny dress pants and navy blazer. I also wanted to be warm so I wore my grey sweater from H&M. Anyways, I hope you like my latest :)

November 06, 2011

never let me go

So I wanted to show off my new Steve Madden bag, although in these shots it's being used as a clutch, and I have my wonderful muse/photographer Nathalie to model it for me! She paired her Forever 21 floral dress with my brown H&M cardigan to give it a very homey, fall feel. She also added her grey booties to keep with the cooler theme. I hope this is helpful to see how to wear an elegant clutch!
The song above is from the new Florence + the Machine album and it is by far my favourite on the album! Definitely give it a listen!

November 04, 2011

turn away from all the rough spots

I got a new bag from Steve Madden on Monday and I'm hopelessly in love with it! I prefer to use it as a man clutch, because a good one is hard to come by and they are very in for F/W 2011. I really wanted to try something different by pairing two button up shirts together, which I don't... well ever. The pallet is a bit summery, but the black and brown make it appropriate for fall. Pair all of these elements with my old white shoes from H&M and its even more fallish (I like making my own words up when I can't think of an appropriate adjective). Annnyyways, I hope you like it!!

November 03, 2011

strangeness and charm

Okay, so i found this corduroy shirt at Superstore surprisingly and I absolutely fell in love! I paired it with my vintage scarf, an old grey beanie, and my Mom's lia sophia necklace to add a little classy rusticity (look it up, it's actually a word) to my look. Also, my wool socks sticking out from my boots, although typically a trend for girls, I think give my look a bit of warmth.
For my title, I chose a song from the new Florence + the Machine album, Ceremonials, which is an amazing album to say the least! If you're looking for some good new music, definitely check this one out! PS, I'll be posting another look tomorrow so watch out for that :)