February 20, 2012

we're all just waiting...

Please forgive me for my lack of posting this month! New semester and new drama has been keeping me busy! But whatever, here's my latest look!
For anyone that doesn't know, a Canadian Tuxedo is a denim jacket and jeans. I instead wore a denim shirt with jeans and my paisley Zara bow tie I found on Friday. I also wanted to incorporate my camel blazer because I love how it looks with medium wash denim. I hope everyone like this look!

February 01, 2012

goodbye dinner!

It was our coworkers last day last week, and in celebration a bunch of us decided it wouls be a nice send off to go downtown to Earls... in -35oC weather. But regardless of how cold it was outside, we managed to have a wonderful dinner! I thought I would take just a few pictures to document what everyone was wearing so I could show everyone :)