September 28, 2011

golden days

Soooo fall is here in Calgary, as made apparent in my latest look. I love autumn colour schemes because they feel more warm and cozy, yet are still colourful like the summer. Ive been looking at these boots ever since I started at Steve Madden a month ago and I got a surprise last week of $250 in vacation pay from my former employer. So I had to buy them of course! Next thing on my list was a new oair of dark jeans, which I found rather quickly at Urban Outfitters.

The thing I like most about this look is the mixture of the dark brown and black with the bright red/orange and cream. I find it creates a very appealing contrast and adds to the complexity of the look. As well, it's a very basic look, with a lot of simple colour blocking and not a lot of patterns (minus the 3 stripes on the arm of my Forever 21 cardigan). Sometimes its the most simple outfit that has the greatest impact!
Well the next thing on my shopping list is a maroon cardigan. Maybe it'll be incorporated in my next look. Stay tuned :)

September 24, 2011

lets put it all together

photographed by yours truely ;)

Lace+jean on jean= new look!!
My wonderful best friend and photographer Nathalie is exhibiting all of the elements I have posted about: jean on jean ,lace, and a good pair of leather boots. I love how she also chose a straw hat to add some dimension to her very blue look. Quite frankly, navy and tan is my favourite colour combo out there. The light and dark compliment each other, but aren't as boring as simply black and white. I love her choice of boots as well. The lower boot seems much more appropriate for the look verses a mid-theigh or knee length boot.

Possibly a new post tomorrow so watch out! If not, Monday for sure <3

September 23, 2011

just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost

Jean on jean, by far my favourite fashion trend of summer 2011! To some, it may seem boring and unoriginal, but I absolutely adore the simplicity of it. In my latest look, I added my tan H&M sweater to add some light to the darkness of my Levis, leather jacket and denim shirt.

Every guy should have a leather jacket or biker jacket for winter in my opinion. Its a great switch up from a regular pea coat and can be dressed up or down (although the later tends to be the most common). Leather jackets add a sense of ruggedness but still look put together, which in my mind is their greatest asset.

I hope everyone likes my look :)

September 21, 2011


Lace. One word, so many possibilities. Even though it tends to be a more summer fabric, its definitely works in the winter. You can put it over a different article of clothing so its not so revealing and warmer. Lace is so versitile, whether its a dress (like Nathalie is wearing above), a crop top, or scarf, its a great choice. Also, seeing as winter is coming up (so excited...) a great set of boots is a must. The one golden rule for boots is to use a leather protecter so they will last more than one winter. Just make sure its silicon based because alcohol base will dry out the leather and could stain them.

Annyyways, I hope this is helpful!!

September 20, 2011

where no one knows my name

Well here's me first real post! My hair was a complete disaster today (well according to my friends) but I'm fairly satisfied with how it turned out for this outfit. I honestly woke up and just threw on my grey cardigan, black H&M V-neck, and True Religion Jeans, not realizing the potential stylistic gold, if I do say so myself, I was so close to. Once I got home, I grabbed my Steve Madden shoes, Forever 21 Blazer and cream scarf, fixed my hair, and off I went. I like the rolled up legs showing off a bit of ankle. Scandalous! As well, the more darker neutral colours really bring out the lightness of the scarf, even though it isn't particularly colourful.
Anyways I need my sleep. Hallelujah for first period spare tomorrow <3!


Well, in Calgary (like many other Prairie cities) no one knows how to dress. People, and particularly teenagers, think its perfectly acceptable to prance around in Hollister hoodies and yoga pants. And quite frankly, I'm sick of it. What ever happened to a nice, casual button up shirt? Or a floral skirt in the spring time? Why is it acceptable to wear sneakers and runners everyday? I've got one word for everyone: boots. Not massive, clunky, and Heaven forbid furry, boots. But stylish, casual boots. Even combat boots perhaps! I simply want people to stretch their stylistic comfort zones and break the stronghold of the "Cowtown Style"

Now, I'm not expecting us to be New York or TO here, but I would like to see some sort of upgrade in the amount of effort people put into themselves here. And I realise that there are certain times and places where effort does not need to be made. For example, when you have absolutely no one you need to impress. All I want is to influence one person at my school to dress even marginally better.

Anyways, I will hopefully be posting fairly often and showing examples of my own style for you all to enjoy!