April 15, 2012



So, I'm still adjusting to life back in Calgary even though I've been home for a week now. I just love Ireland so much, I'd love to go to Queens University in Belfast or Trinity College in Dublin for an exchange. I also live the style of Ireland; it's far superior to Calgary.
My pictures from the top are: Church gates in Belfast, a pier in Carrickfergus, a view of the north coast of Ireland, the Giant's Causeway (4), me at the Giant's Causeway, and me outside the Bishmills Distillery.

April 12, 2012

you fit me better than my favourite sweater

So I would just like to apologise for not posting sooner for this look. I've been so busy the past few days trying to catch up with everything since I got back from Ireland. I also have exciting news! Not only have I been accepted to Ryerson University in Toronto for Psychology, I just found out today that I have been accepted to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Now the decisions start. As well, just to let everyone know, I have edited a few pictures from my trip so far and I'll post them either tomorrow or Saturday when I post my latest look.
Anyways, so this look is composed of all new articles I bought in Belfast and Manchester. I had my first Topman experience in Belfast, and honestly, it did not live up to the hype for me. Plus none of their pants fit me; all too short. But I did manage to find a nice black blazer for my graduation that fits me way better than any I've tried in Canada.
What I really like about this look is how light my shorts and shirt are. It made me feel like it was finally spring to wear this outfit and not be cold. I really like the length of my cardigan with my shorts as well.