August 17, 2012

let this be our little secret

Okay so I'm finally actually writing something about this look. So, I was looking for a hat to wear and I was going to build my outfit around that. I went searching in the closet and found this Irish cap I bought my Dad last time I was in Ireland. My thought was so look rustic and have an old-time working class look about myself. Hunting around I decided that just a normal pair of blue jeans, my new Steve Madden boots, and my stripped Urban Outfitters shirt would be the best options. And there you have it!

August 16, 2012

i wont let you down

I wanted to illustrate the power of a pop of colour in this post. Although I personally don't wear a lot of black and white, I certainly do appreciate it on other people. I especially like it when people wear black and white, but then have one small article that adds colour to the outfit. In this look, Nathalie is wearing a simple black blazer, a white v-neck (of mine) and black high wasted shorts. What makes the whole outfit come together is the colourful scarf. It adds a new dimension to the outfit and makes it a little more interesting to people looking at the outfit! I hope this helps :)

August 15, 2012

must get out

I dug up these linen pants I forgot I bought in Chicago a while back because I was curious about how they would look with my combat boots, and how I could use the black and white together. I decided to keep it simple on top, nothing too overwhelming. That's why I used my navy cardigan and deep cranberry scarf. Nathalie and I got these shots right before it started to monsoon yesterday. It actually flooded the shopping strip right down from my house that's how much rain we got. I leave for Vancouver in 10 days so the countdown is really on now! Wish me luck everyone :)

August 14, 2012

thinking bout you

Sorry for taking so long to post more pictrues up, but anyways here's my second look from my long weekend in Canmore. I love my new boots! They just have to most fantastic shape, and like my Michael Kors watch, they go with almost everything I wear! One thing about this outfit I especially like is the tones that my Ralph Lauren denim shirt bring out in my khakis, which show a range of tones depending on what their paired with. I'll try and post a new look tomorrow, I was out taking pictures with Nathalie today :)

August 09, 2012

anna sun

Continuing on with my set of looks from the long weekend in Canmore, this is my favourite. I found this cardigan at All Saints when I was in Chicago last month and I must say that both the cardigan and the store are my new favourites. I love how the multiple patters in the cardigan make it look quintessentially mountainous and warm. Even though it was blisteringly hot this past weekend, in the cool evenings, this cardigan was my best friend. I hope everyone enjoys this look as much as I do!
The title of this look comes from the song Anna Sun by Walk the Moon. I know I'm about one summer late on this song, but if anyone gets a chance, it's definitely worth a listen!!

August 07, 2012

walk a little tightrope

I do apologise for not posting in a while; it's been a very busy summer for me so far. Here's an update: I leave for Vancouver in 18 days, and as a result I will not have a lot of new posts for a while. I will only post what pictures I took over the long weekend in Canmore.
This is my cousin Maddie. She may seem familiar because I posted last fall with pictures of her. Anyways, this is the first post of her outfits and I wanted to feature the maxi-mullet skirt. I love the flow and shape that these skirts give to any figure, and they should honestly be a staple in any female wardrobe. They can be paired with many different tops, as evident here with a flowy white top and a beaded peach tank. As well, the sheer material adds a very cool dynamic to the outfits, without being too revealing. 
The bottom right picture is a sneak peek of my latest outfit that I will be posting hopefully within the next two days. I hope everyone enjoys these looks! Feel free to comment even without a Google account.