December 14, 2011

tears dry on their own

So over the past week I have accumulated 3 new articles of clothing: my cranberry H&M skinnies, my black pea coat, and my Steve Madden combat boots. I decided seeing as they are all pretty versatile pieces that I would try and get them all together. So combined with my tan sweater, this is how my outfit came together! Im totally in love with cranberry right now, and I was so tempted to buy a cranberry blazer, but I thought it might me a little much for now. It's just such a warm colour that is a fantastic fashion manifestation of the holiday season. I hope you like my look as much as I do! :) Feel free to comment!


  1. love your jeans bro ;)

  2. I totally love this look. I would wear something like this.

  3. love the pants! those colours look so good together. Really like the scarf too! Actually I just like evertyting you're wearing :D