December 31, 2011

no such thing as the real world

Depending on if you read my blurb on lookbook or not, you may or may not already know about my debate on whether or not my sweater and pants would clash or not. I asked around and I came to the conclusion that because they are both darker shades, they wouldn't look half bad together. I also wanted to add some finer detailing to the outfit so I wore my blue paisley shirt underneath. As well, I wore my new combat boots that I'm totally in love with.
I hope everyone has a happy New Year <3 and here is the song from which I got the the title for yesterdays post. I forgot to put it up whoooops! Its amazing so I hope everyone takes the time to listen!


1 comment:

  1. I really like that shirt with that sweater, the colours go so well together! Also love the song :)