November 25, 2011

talk that talk to me

The new Rihanna album is amazing, just to start out! Hense why my title for this look is also the main lyric in the title song, Talk That Talk. Anyways, we had a lovely Chinook on Wednesday (for those that aren't from Alberta, that's a cyclical cloud over a region with a very high, warm wind) so it was quite mild out. I decided to grab my pea coat and my blue and white striped v-neck sweater and head out to take some pictures! I also   wore my brown H&M circle scarf to add some dimension.
Just to let everyone know who lives in the Calgary region, American Apparel is having a huge warehouse sale at the Big Four building down at the stampede grounds, and there will be deals of up to 90% off! So if you can, make time before Tuesday to head down there, but the sooner the better!

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  1. You know how i love this look ;)