December 07, 2011

Steve Madden Style: Day 1

My Assistant Manager, Kaitlyn, brought to my attention a great idea: I should take pictures and blog what people at Steve Madden wear to work. This way, I can prove that yes, Calgary does have style. Today, Wednesday, is a casual day, so we can wear dark demin. But starting tomorrow through to Sunday, dressing up is a must! Feel free to comment, you don't need a Google account. 

On the top left, my Manager is wearing a black sheer top with a small, yet long necklace to add some fine detailing to her outfit. As well, her wide leg jeans (70s was huge in Spring/Summer 2011) look fantastic with her platform, leather, lace-up Steve Madden pumps. Her Michael Kors watch is also a phenomenal accessory that, because it's a very neutral brown, goes with almost any outfit, casual or dressy. On the top right, Matthew is wearing a vintage knit cardigan and a great army green shirt. I love how the green of his shirt really accents the similar greens in his cardigan. Those paired with a pair of dark-wash skinnies and some brown leather boots makes for a perfect work casual look. 
Katie, on the left, is wearing a salmon pink tank which goes great with her navy blazer, and like Brittany above, has chose to wear a long, simple necklace to accessorize. On the right, Adri is wearing just a simple white cardigan with a black scarf, but don't think that simple doesn't mean elegant. Both are wearing dark washed skinnies, a necessity for any wardrobe.
Rylan is wearing a light, almost sandy brown button up shirt underneath a black and white stripped v-neck sweater. Pairing those with khakis, a brown belt, and two-toned brown Steve Madden combat boots, this is the ultimate wardrobe to show that monochromatic outfits are brilliant, if not, unfortunately, underrated. The 3/4 rolled-up sleeves as opposed to fully down, or half way, is also a nice, unique touch.
Myriam is wearing a grey, belted long sweater with a pair of jennings and a stunning pair of Betsy Johnson heels. The pink and black of the stilettos really give a nice contrast to the grey and blue of top and bottom. As well, her earrings add some sparkle to her look!

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