May 21, 2012

my heart keeps beating like a hammer

H&M is my fasion saviour! Since I have been saving up for University, my clothing budget has dropped dramatically. However, these are my new favourite pants and they were only $35!! I love linen pants because they are such a comfy, light alternative to denim and heavier cotton pants. I wanted to keep this look light and simple so I matched my pants with my tan Club Monaco shirt and striped Steve Madden sneakers (which are my summertime casual favourites). I hope everyone like it :)

May 19, 2012

I know you're someone elses...

Contrast is something I focus on, as many of my previous posts have suggested. For this look, I wanted to contrast myself from the bright, spring world around me. I decided that a simple black cardigan, v-neck, and jean shorts complimented with my Syrian scarf would do just that. In comparison to the bring pinks, greens, and whites around me, I like how much the black really stands out in the pictures. This title of my look comes from the song I Love You by Alex Clare and it's definitely worth a listen. He has such a mezmorising voice and this song just melts me.

May 09, 2012

summers in the air and heavens in your eyes

Sorry it took so long for me to post, I woke up late and then got called into work this afternoon. Anyways, this is one of my favourite outfit's right now because I'm very much in love with pastel colours this spring. I tried to create an American theme through the use of red, white, and blue. The title for my look actually comes from the song National Anthem by Lana del Rey and the line before my title is "red, white, blue is in the sky" so I wanted to allude to the colour scheme of my look. Enjoy!! Don't forget to follow me on twitter:

May 07, 2012

so close to something better left unknown

Again, I'm so sorry for not poasting for a while! I promise to get back in the happit of it now that school is wrapping up and the weather is nicer. So this is one of my favourite looks ever! I love how it looks very African Savana-ish and warm. Just like cranberry was my favourite colour for winter, sand is my favourite colour for spring/summer. I love it because it can be paired with similar colours (like here) and yet it doesnt look too boring. As well, it can also be paired with brighter colours (like my next look) and it makes them stand out even more. I hope everyone likes my look :)

PS I'm moving to Vancouver next September for school!!!