January 02, 2012

the outcome of a still verdictless life?

Firstly, I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and I wish everyone a fantastic 2012! I have added a bunch of John Mayer to my library in recent days, so I've been using some of his lines as titles, just in case anyone was wondering ;) I know I always talk about earth tones, but that seems to be all my wardrobe consists of. I just love the way they go together to make a warm looking outfit. I love the deep maroon, evergreen, and khaki all together, and all tied together with my black combat boots. Although my Banana Republic jacket is a little big, I'm sure I'll grow into it over the next little while. I just love the greeny/taupe colour! I really hope everyone like this look! Feel free to comment on lookbook.nu or on my blog. The feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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