October 02, 2011

happy october (combat boots)

Okay, so I know I said no hoodies. But a nice textured one with a great pair of combat boots (Steve Madden) and an accessory, in this case an H&M leopard print scarf, its more than acceptable. This is because my wonderful friend/model Holly actually put effort into making the hoodie work. As well, my navy blazer also adds a great layering effect to the outfit.

Combat boots. I suppose I should talk about them because many love the look of combat boots, but don't know how to pull them off. Number one rule: skinny jeans/leggings/anything skin tight only. If you decide to shove a bootcut or, heaven forbid, flare jean into combat boots, it makes your theighs look massive. And putting your jeans over top of the boots defeats the whole purpose of the boots. After you get your bottoms all sorted out, the top is should just come naturally. Almost anything will work, it just depends on whatever your personal style is.

For guys combat boots are absolutely amazing for winter and the same rule applies: tuck your skinny jeans or trousers in! Pair it with a button up shirt, cardigan, or almost anything else and you've got a great fall/winter outfit.

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  1. Gorgeous, i think everybody needs a combat boots, is reaaly essencial