October 13, 2011

sweeter than heaven, hotter than hell

So my message today is about thrifting and being resourceful! My old washing machine used to deposit random blue oil stains on certain articles of clothing, so I turned my yellow v-neck into a scarf so the stain wasn't as noticeable. But I decided to make it a backless shirt for this look. I paired it with my vintage army green shirt from Divine on 17th (looks so scary from the outside, but its a diamond in the rough). Thrifting and vintage clothes are fantastic for getting unique articles that are usually one-of-a-kind, and they're great for people on a tight budget.

Value Village is a great place to go, as well as some places along 17th downtown are great places to look, just make sure to wash before wearing; you never know who was the last person to wear it.

Ohh and, just like I'm obsessed with Foster the People, I'm also more recently obsessed with Florence + The Machine! I know its from 2009, but it's still fantastic! Have a listen:


  1. Backless shirt - creative idea and creates a cool look for the outfit. Excellent taste in music, excellent fashion sense + tips... definitely adding this to my rss reader. :)

  2. love all those colours together.