September 28, 2011

golden days

Soooo fall is here in Calgary, as made apparent in my latest look. I love autumn colour schemes because they feel more warm and cozy, yet are still colourful like the summer. Ive been looking at these boots ever since I started at Steve Madden a month ago and I got a surprise last week of $250 in vacation pay from my former employer. So I had to buy them of course! Next thing on my list was a new oair of dark jeans, which I found rather quickly at Urban Outfitters.

The thing I like most about this look is the mixture of the dark brown and black with the bright red/orange and cream. I find it creates a very appealing contrast and adds to the complexity of the look. As well, it's a very basic look, with a lot of simple colour blocking and not a lot of patterns (minus the 3 stripes on the arm of my Forever 21 cardigan). Sometimes its the most simple outfit that has the greatest impact!
Well the next thing on my shopping list is a maroon cardigan. Maybe it'll be incorporated in my next look. Stay tuned :)

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