October 04, 2011

better late than never

So I realise that its fall now, and fall colours are very much in right now. However, I really wanted to give some advice for next spring and summer and exhibit my photos of my cousin and her friend. Floral is huge for spring and summer! Floral anything: rompers, skirts, dresses, tops, shoes...your get the picture. Floral incorporates a lovely pattern, and is usually brightly coloured. Both of these are fantastic for the warmer seasons. Pair a nice floral top with jeans or leggings, or pair a dress or romper with some gladiator sandals and you're all set!

One more thing: rompers. Rompers were huge this past spring/summer season and I sure hope they come back in for 2012. Rompers are fantastic because they tone down the element of sluttyness (is that a word?) that  short skirts/dresses give off, but still allow for lots of leg. As well, they establish continuity within an outfit, without looking like you staired into your closet for an hour to try and match the same coloured top to the same coloured pants.

Well I hope this is helpful for everyone and not completely outdated by the time spring rolls around! ;)

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  1. Pretty pictures. Floral is perfect to summer, and gladiators too :)