September 20, 2011

where no one knows my name

Well here's me first real post! My hair was a complete disaster today (well according to my friends) but I'm fairly satisfied with how it turned out for this outfit. I honestly woke up and just threw on my grey cardigan, black H&M V-neck, and True Religion Jeans, not realizing the potential stylistic gold, if I do say so myself, I was so close to. Once I got home, I grabbed my Steve Madden shoes, Forever 21 Blazer and cream scarf, fixed my hair, and off I went. I like the rolled up legs showing off a bit of ankle. Scandalous! As well, the more darker neutral colours really bring out the lightness of the scarf, even though it isn't particularly colourful.
Anyways I need my sleep. Hallelujah for first period spare tomorrow <3!


  1. Very elegant. Love your hair <3

  2. Thank goodness for first period spare ;)
    ps, you are so beautiful