October 12, 2012

I think of timing all the time

First things first, Ellie Goulding's new album came out, and although its not all that I had hoped for, it's still worth a listen! Secondly, winter has arrived in Vancouver and, although it hasn't begun to rain quite yet, I have been living completely engulfed in the clouds the past 3 days (as you can see by the top picture).
As the weather has become significantly colder and more damp, I have been bundling up the past few days, and yesterdays look I was particularly fond of. I need to buy more think socks because they are so comfy and warm in my combat boots. As well, this scarf is my absolute favourite thing right now because of how think, soft, and warm it is...not to mention that it is also has a very fall pallet. I wanted that to be the focal point, so I purposely dressed in mostly black and grey to make the pumpkin and cranberry pop. The fact that I'm wearing this little colour is in fact an anomaly in my dressing habits. Check back soon for more looks!

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