October 01, 2012

any old lie will do

So this is my first post since I moved to Vancouver! The top two pictures are of downtown and the view outside my dorm. I love this city!!
This look was something I thought up this weekend, and I wanted to show off a couple of new pieces to my wardrobe all in one. These shoes are incredible and I wish I had more opportunities to wear them. I got them on sale at Nordstom in Chicago for $100 to make them even more incredible. I bought these emerald pants because they're such a cool, unique colour; as opposed to a more army or khaki green. Again, the title for the look comes from Fleet Foxes self titled album, which has still been on repeat since the last time I posted.
Feel free to comment to let me know what you think! You don't even need a Google account!


  1. love the whole look, less is more!
    how come you move in VC?

    1. Thanks Jerome!! I'm studying at Simon Fraser University !

  2. love the glasses and shoes! first 2 pics are beautiful too =)