August 07, 2012

walk a little tightrope

I do apologise for not posting in a while; it's been a very busy summer for me so far. Here's an update: I leave for Vancouver in 18 days, and as a result I will not have a lot of new posts for a while. I will only post what pictures I took over the long weekend in Canmore.
This is my cousin Maddie. She may seem familiar because I posted last fall with pictures of her. Anyways, this is the first post of her outfits and I wanted to feature the maxi-mullet skirt. I love the flow and shape that these skirts give to any figure, and they should honestly be a staple in any female wardrobe. They can be paired with many different tops, as evident here with a flowy white top and a beaded peach tank. As well, the sheer material adds a very cool dynamic to the outfits, without being too revealing. 
The bottom right picture is a sneak peek of my latest outfit that I will be posting hopefully within the next two days. I hope everyone enjoys these looks! Feel free to comment even without a Google account.

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