June 12, 2012

hard to fake what I wont be

Well I am officially done my first diploma of the semester, which mean only two more to go! My hope is that now that it is summer and I've got a ton of birthday money left to spend, I'll be more inspired and have more time to post :) This looks combines two new articles I got last week. The first is my red, green, and navy plaid shirt I got from Club Monaco. The second is my new pride and joy: the espresso Michael Kors watch my parents got me! I am overwhelmingly in love with it because I cannot think of an outfit I've worn that it would not go with! I wanted to keep this look earthy, so I decided my khakis and simple brown Steve Madden boots would be appropriate. I hope everyone likes it and don't forget, anyone can comment regardless of whether or not you have a Google account!